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10 Best Telephonic Interview tips for grabbing the offer letter

Telephonic interview tips for experienced professionals

Telephonic Interview Tips

#1 Where should i be physically?

This questions is often not paid attention to when it comes to telephonic interview tips on other websites. But this one ignorance may lead to a plenty of distractions and disturbances. For example: Not been able to understand what a recruiter is saying frequently & thus letting him/her doubt your listening skills. Letting your mind get prone to distraction.

Terrace or a park would not be a bad idea. Here are the reasons:

  • No/less disturbance.
  • Better mobile network coverage.
  • Better oxygen supply.

#2 Should i turn the mobile data off?

Yes. You should. Without any doubt. Mobile internet does affect the reception of the call. You may not be given a second chance. So let it hibernate. Your WhatsApp friends can wait.

#3 Should i use earphones?

Oh Yes. It will be like entering a war with the arsenal. Both your ears will support you to understand & hence respond effectively. Moreover, it will also push background noise away.

#4 Should i speak slowly?

More than the speed, pay attention to opening your mouth wider when you talk. Your speech will be clearer which is a must for succeeding in any telephonic interview.

#5 Should i use verbal nods?

Yes you should. Verbal nods like hmmhmm, aanhaan, okkay will make the recruiter feel that you understand what he or she may be saying. It builds a flow in the conversation.

#6 Should i apologize for interrupting?

Absolutely. Being courteous casts a healthy impression on an interviewer’s mind. One of the important telephonic interview tips perhaps.

#7 How should i close my answers?

Since you and the interviewer do not see each other, so it is important to close the answer in an effective way. Best way to do is to end it with phrases like “and this is why …., that’s about my experience etc. It will let the recruiter know that you have finished answering & it is his turn now to speak.

#8 What if i feel thirsty?

Mute the call & sip. Make sure you are still listening to what he recruiter is saying. Using earphone will make it easy for you.

#9 What if the call gets disconnected?

Do not call back immediately. Most likely, the interviewer will call you back. Two parties dialing each other at the same time land in no man’s land. So wait for the recruiter to revert.

#10 How should i answer these?

(a) Tell me about yourself?

Start with your education & throw light on the recent work experiences. Mention about couple of achievements as well while sounding modest. This will picture you as a confident experienced professional.

(b) Why do you wish to leave your current job?

Answer it honestly. Do not say bad things about your present employer.

(c) Do you have any question?

Never say No. Let the interviewer feel that you are interested in the job profile. Ask questions like “So when can i come for a face to face interview?”. This will highlight your confidence in bold to the recruiter’s mind. These telephonic interview tips should be adequate.

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