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BPO Jobs in India: Good or bad?


BPO Jobs in India good or bad?

To answer whether BPO Jobs in India good or bad? Lets talk about good things first (If you decide to start your career with brands like Amex, Genpact, Convergys, Dell etc )

Even if you are just an ordinary graduate, BPO gives you an opportunity to work in the MNC corporate culture. If and only if you are determined and you do not end up switching jobs every year, you can grow.

Your communication is enhanced a great deal. You would start interacting in “International English”.

You get reasonably good salary and incentives

In a nutshell, you will be on par with most others technical graduates.

Lets talk about the bad things.

The biggest of all is shift timings. Most firms would make you work at odd hours. So get ready to be a nocturnal.

It may take a toll on your health in the log run. Plus, you will be cut from the outside world as you are awake when most others sleep and vice versa.

Going against the nature may affect your memory power too.

If you do not smoke or drink, chances are you may end up doing so. About 35-40% of BPO employees smoke and/or drink.

There are people who have made it real big & there are those who ruined their career.

Thus BPO jobs in india good or bad depending on whether you extract profit from it or take it for granted and just have fun. Check out the free video tutorial. Scroll up.

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BPO Jobs in india good or bad