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How to be a successful HR Professional?


How to be a successful HR Professional?


The trademark or hallmark of a Human Resources professional is in the name itself. Above all, you have to add a human touch in everything you do professionally. Inculcate it. Whether you are interviewing somebody who is not good enough to be selected. Or when some employee walks upto you with an invalid request. Remember treating everybody well will help you in the long run. You will have a strong reference. But ofcourse you have to be assertive as well while dealing with smart chaps. But it would be rare.

Human Resources is a support function is most firms. Exception: Placement companies. HR is one field in India where women fraternity have overshadowed men mostly. But why is it so? Probably because women have 
a better professional temper and they listen to issues well. There are men who are doing a great job as HR but lion’s share of the fraternity is not as good as opposite sex. What is one element that is hell crucial to be a successful HR professional in India or wherever? Watch the short video and learn in minutes. Scroll up.

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How to be a successful HR