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How to effectively forward your resume to companies


How to forward your resume to companies in India?



Blindly forwarding resumes to Indian firms for the purpose of job is a regular trend now. For 80% of the job seekers, it takes 5 seconds to do it. They invest that time on changing the recipient’s email address. That is it! Unfortunately, they are the ones committing most mistakes. Its obvious. Its sheer carelessness.

Being in this industry for a few years now, we have experienced a lot of situations where the email subject is completely irrelevant. For example: I saw a graphic designer‘s job opening on website “A” & i decided to forward my resume to them. A week later i came across another opening in my profile on website “B” & this time my email body will say “As per the job posted on website ‘A’,i am forwarding my resume“. Most people forget to change important elements. It goes like “i will write an email once & will save time later by using the same unchanged email content”.

Not only this, a lot of candidates use improper font styles & color in the mail body. Like using RED or PINK. If it was a “fancy email” contest, i would not have even mentioned it. An email body has to look professional & should give an impression that it was freshly written for the recipient whom you are mailing each time.

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How to forward your resume to companies in india