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How to have a good PR at work?


How to have a good PR at work in India?



A good PR at work in India can transform your current experience into a great memory in future. We all want to be treated well. Its “we”. Hope you got the point. There are a few things you should be avoiding which may take your reputation to an evil zone. If you target to head a firm or organisation in future, the question “how to have a good PR at work in India?” should be clear in your mind right from the word go.
Try remembering somebody in your last firm who was good to everybody & everybody was good to him. But why not everybody is like that? Why doesn’t everybody has a great name for themselves at work? Where do they lose it all? What are the mistakes they end up committing?

Remember, this is also one of the parameters of promotion in most firms. They would really hate if the team members are made to report to somebody they can never like. So the question is how to have a good PR?

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How to have a good PR at work in india