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How to negotiate salary in interview?

How to negotiate salary in interview

How to negotiate salary in interview in India?

The question How to negotiate salary in interview can be the worst hurdle before you decide to join a new organisation. We all have certain expectations for getting a comprehensive hike in salary in the next firm we decide to work for. Remember, you may not be offered the best salary slot proactively. It is because even HR recruiters are supposed to contribute to cost cutting by convincing you in the least possible salary. That means you need to talk or rather ‘negotiate’ about why you are expecting a certain hike.
Most interviews demand you to drop down a few times for all the rounds. It takes away your time & money. So, expectation goes up as well. And rightly so. Getting to know after passing the tunnel that what they offer cannot be accepted by you can be frustrating. Sometimes it can even affect your confidence adversely.

So what is the right way of negotiating and that too effectively?

Steps on how to negotiate salary in interview

  • Once offered a specific salary, your negotiation starts then and there.
  • Refrain from using negative sentences like you have already been offered the same or little more salary somewhere else. That will be reckoned as being little rude.
  • Instead, use positive and friendly statement like I would have loved to accept what you are offering but there are some commitments which i have to take care of. In fact, what brought me here was an expectation of about 30-35 % hike. And then smile in a helpless way.
  • In case they agree to offer 20-25 % hike, do not reject it instantly. Its not a bad hike either. You may seek some time to think over it.

Note: But make sure you know the exact take home salary before you accept the offer.

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How to negotiate salary in interview