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How to search jobs as a fresher?


How to search jobs for fresher in India?



Right when you get the degree, you enter or try to enter the professional world. Not everybody with a professional degree in India manage to get placed on campus. So what do they do? How do they search jobs for fresher? Well, most of them search for recruitment consultancies & forward their cv to them expecting to hear anytime soon.

Most firms do not go with hiring freshers through consultants. It means, they are reluctant to pay consultants for helping them to recruit a raw mind (fresher). They rather go for on campus placements or publish about their job openings on different portals. Investing more time scanning the world wide web for job opportunities would be any day better than searching for consultancies & forwarding your resume to them blindly.

All you need is a personal computer with internet. But understand, your resume has to look professional and logical. 95% of freshers who hunt jobs manually often have quite a few loop holes in their cv. Also, do not expect a fancy salary at the very beginning. Try to learn as much as you can. Some firms might offer you a stipend, rather ‘salary’ in terms of the numeric value. So take that.

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How to search jobs for fresher in india