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How To Write An Impressive Resume For Experienced

Note: In case you are a fresher, you may want to refer to resume format for freshers

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Needless to say that your resume is your visa to getting recruited. It is the first thing a recruiter notices which in turn makes him feel whether to give you a chance for 
interview or not. There are countless number of resume formats and designs available online. Some of them being hell fancy. But which one you should be using? Should you stick to simplicity or should you go for something nestled in vibrant color combinations? Let us make it crystal clear by quoting a few examples.

Consider 3 examples.

Example A: Your resume looks fancy and attractive. But the recruiter has a hard time finding ‘whereabouts of information.’ ‘Not acceptable.’ 

Example B: Your resume looks great and the recruiter finds it easy to find information but the language of your resume is bad. School kids type of sentence construction and quite a few grammatical errors. ‘Not impressive.’ 

Example C: Your resume looks simple but finding information is a cakewalk. Moreover, the language is professionally correct and certainly not monotonous. ‘Very acceptable.’ 

The Core Value Embedded In Any Acceptable Curriculum Vitae.

The bottom line is, recruiters from any nook and corner of your dwelling country should not have an uphill task searching and navigating through your resume. He should be able to find any desired information within 3 seconds. Be it your work experience or education or software skills.

While writing a resume, always focus more on ‘making it an effortless reading experience’ rather ‘making it look fancy.’ Remember, against any job opening, recruiters mail box is flooded with plethora of resumes. Of course, they always try touching all resumes before deciding to shortlist a few better ones. But if your resume has a few visible flaws which gets noticed in the first few seconds, you may well be ignored or kept on the back seat. Flaws can be of any type. Grammatical, language, alignment, formatting etc. The more you cover them, the more fruitful results will fall into your share.

The ‘Life Fluid’ Of Your Resume: Language

Each and all recruiter will take it for granted that you are the creator of your curriculum vitae. Hence, credit for language, good or bad, will be given to you. A lot of job seekers try fluffing their cv with all sorts of heavyweight words. What if the recruiter is from a non-native speaker of English language? What if he/she finds it difficult to understand what it really means? No recruiter will be going through your resume with an aim of replenishing vocabulary. The language has to be easily readable and understandable. ‘Who said a simple plain English cannot be impressive?’ As a matter of fact, a simple plain English with no grammatical errors is any given day better than unintentionally mixing fancy language with ‘typo or grammar flaws’.

What is an ideal language? Well! The one which is easily readable, well constructed, should have professional words and should certainly not sound repetitive.

Let us taken an example of a situation where you are supposed to throw light on ‘roles & responsibilities’.

‘A Big No

To conduct meetings.
To conduct surveys.
To coach team members.
To maintain attendance.

‘A Smiling Yes

Facilitating meetings.
Carrying out surveys.
Coaching team members.
Maintaining attendance records.

The latter does not sound monotonous and is thus, much acceptable when compared to the former.

Creating The Right Career Objective

Few days ago, we read somewhere that ‘career objective’ is a waste of time. It should not be used. That is, probably the most untrue statement i ever came across in recent times about resume. A career objective is a very ‘short and crisp’ summary of what you possess and why should any firm hire you. It is something which is noticed in the first few seconds. The reason why it is so important is the fact that no recruiter would want to calculate your total work experience manually before reaching a conclusion whether to show you a ‘green’ or ‘red’ signal for interview.

Keep yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and imagine this. You are supposed to be recruiting a graphic designer with minimum 6 years of experience. Now if there is no career objective, would you feel like going through the tenure of each experience and summing it up to decide? Hence, it is always suggested to have it on your resume.

Example: To utilize my 6+ years of expertise and hard work as a ‘Graphic Designer’ and to add to the overall development of the organisation i get to shake hands with.

The above example will make a recruiter know within seconds that ‘i am a graphic designer and possess 6+ years of experience.’ So, he or she will then continue going through my resume. It is a brilliant idea to go through JD (Job Description) multiple times and finding the main keyword of it and then customizing your objective pivoting around it. So do not forward your resume blindly without editing the objective. “How to forward your resume to companies” 

Foreshadowing Work Experience On Resume : Work Snapshots

If you carry a decade’s experience under your belt, it is advisable to first mention the snapshots of all the work experiences at once before elaborating them. That is, summarize them first. This will make life easy for a recruiter and will help him scan your resume real fast.

Also, give a detailed account of the last few experiences only as they must be the most relevant ones. A recruiter would not be interested knowing nitty gritty of your job responsibilities in the first firm which you joined as an executive, when your are applying for a managerial position at present. This will also help you to curtail your resume length to a maximum of 2-3 pages. It is better to keep things for actual interview as well rather impressioning everything right on cv.

Software Skills Information

Go through the JD well and make sure you highlight the software they need and which you know. Make it eye catchy to grab the recruiter’s attention in real time. It will make him feel optimistic about you to the extent that he decides to pull you for interview. Do prefix the name of the software with ‘certified in’ in case you really are. That will be impressive. 

Rewards & Recognition Information

If you were appreciated/rewarded at work which was significant, do mention it. It will make your resume sound like an achiever rather an ordinary labor targeting just ‘bread & butter’ in a 9 to 6 job.


It is imperative to mention references on the resume. It will not only add a great degree of professionalism but may also win a recruiter’s trust. Your proactiveness will mean that you have provided all correct information and are dead firm for any background check that may be done on you.

Going extra mile: Additional information on resume

A) 4jobz.in: You may not be able to mention all information on your curriculum vitae. So providing a 4jobz.in‘s profile ID will sound impressive. If you do not have one, get it now. Recruiters can hear you talk confidently even when you are not able to answer their call. Mention it along with contact details on top of the resume.

B) Photograph: Recruiters would not be judging ‘the way you look’ like people on matrimony sites do. All they wish to know is the confidence evolving from you. So, having a confident looking photograph on resume is preferred to being handsome or pretty. It will make your resume look more lively. And if you are called for interview, recruiter will be little more friendly as he knows how you look like and is subconsciously prepared to take your rounds.

In case you are still reluctant to have your photograph there. You can follow our innovative idea of using your photograph as light background. This way, your face will be partially visible and that is still better than not having a resume at all.

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